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In Revenue From this One Strategy


Profit From These New High-Ticket Client Alone


Hours Saved working IN their business

What If You Could Sign Up An Extra 20 High-Ticket, Long-Term Members Each Month With Ease...?

Over the past 4 years, we’ve helped gyms generate thousands of high-quality appointments using an organic-first approach.  Then we teach them how to do it themselves consistently. Then we scale your business.

So if you want:

👉 Multiple streams of lead generation without relying on facebook ads

👉 Appointments that actually show up and expect to get started

👉 A super-simple sales system that feels like a conversation and not a sale

👉 Long-term high ticket clients that bring in massive revenue each month

👉 A done for you game-plan you can use to fulfill with high-ticket clients

👉 A referral generating machine that never stops working

👉 Member events and challenges that build a weapons-grade community 

👉 Team training you can give directly to you team so they can help you grow the biz

👉 Incredibly simple systems that will run all the behind the scenes 

👉 Super-fast team building strategy. How to find new coaches, interview and onboard.

👉 Leadership and delegating how-to so you can gain your time and freedom back

👉 A community of gym owners to leverage experience, best practices, and stay in momentum

👉 A private coach that’s going to walk you through the entire program and help you execute it at your gym

Then you're going to LOVE our method.

If you’d like to put our method to the test, click here to book a 1:1 action call with our team today & let's find out if our process is a good match for you...

Talk soon,

- Joey Huber

P.S. If you decide to work with us on your group, here's what we'll focus on...

#1: Profit:   We equip gyms with a new high-profit membership that you or your team can easily sell and fulfill without changing a thing to your existing business or members which massively increases your profit and freedom..

#2: Skills:  We'll teach you new skills and you'll go through the program 1 on 1 with your coach so we can apply those skills immediately. You make money and prove the concept doing it WITH us, then you can continue to improve your skills and do it on your own forever.

#3: Freedom:  We’ve been where you are. Trapped in your business. No time. No money. No plan to get out. No end in sight. But it doesn’t have to be that way. So we’re here to help you unlock your potential.  Absolutely everything you need to bring on a new team (or train your existing team) to run the day-to-day of the business.  Systems, how to find, train, and manager coaches (and all other employees) and what YOU should be doing as the owner once the team is in place.

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What You’ll Get:

1-On-1 Coaching with Joey Huber

Get your hands on the exact systems & processes that power the top 1% of gyms in the country (each video in our curriculum is only 10-15 minutes long & comes with an action guide so you know what to do every step of the way 

Step-By-Step Training Curriculum

Get your hands on the exact systems & processes that power the top 1% of gyms in the country (each video in our curriculum is only 10-15 minutes long & comes with an action guide so you know what to do every step of the way 

1-On-1 Signature Offer Refinement

It's no secret: The success or failure of your gym comes down to the offer you have. Most gyms *think* they have a good offer, but once it's put to the test, their offer turns out to be a dud. Let our team of experts work with you 1:1 on your offer... to make sure it's priced effectively, set up to get your clients results, and fully scalable...

Done-For-You Email and SMS Campaigns

Once we've defined your new offer and you're ready to sell and fulfill on it, our team will run an amazing sms and email campaign to spread the word and fill your calendar with high-quality ideal customers who walk in ready to buy.

 Done-For-You Authentic Sales System

Now we know most gym owners already know how to sell. That’s how you’ve gotten the members you have so far. But like everything else in business we can get BETTER. Selling for long-terms at high-prices. And you won’t feel like a used car salesman doing it. Think if you were able to close just 10% more people at a 10% higher rate? What would that mean for your monthly revenue? These are best practices from over 10 years and millions of dollars worth of selling coaching programs at our gyms and they are 100% done for you to apply today or give directly to your team

Automated Lead Nurture Software

Tired of getting no-showed? With our Automated Lead Nurture System, you WILL have more of your appointments show up. Probably double. But let’s just say you only get an increase of 25%. So instead of 15 shows per month you’re now at 20 shows. How many of those will you sell? 3? That means 36 new members every year JUST from our lead nurture system alone. How much is 36 new members for the year worth? I know for me it’s over 10k…. and don't worry it's NOT pay per show.  It's less than $199/mo total!

8 Organic Lead Generating Pipelines

Each pipeline will be responsible for dozens of new high-ticket members each year alone. Probably over 20k in revenue from each pipeline. That’s close to 200k in added revenue in a year, which is the average amount a gym owner working with us adds. In fact our team runs one of the organic pipelines FOR YOU, and it generally generates about 30k in revenue fo you in your first 30 days.

Done-For-You Transformation Program Blueprints

These are designed to help you craft the ideal client experience, and then DO THAT EVERY TIME. If each of your members were over-delivered upon, how much do you think they would talk about your gym? How many new referrals do you think that would generate? My gym made over 137k last year from REFERRALS ALONE. This blueprint is 100% done and ready for you to slap your logo on. Complete training goes along for you and your team to begin using tomorrow!

Done-For-You Gym Operating Systems

Do you know how many systems we've broke? All of them. Which is how I finally developed the system that doesn’t break. No matter how much you scale. Because it’s incredibly simple and within 5 minutes anyone on my team knows exactly whats going on in the business. This saved me over 10 hours per week alone. What would you do with an additional 10 hours per week? That’s close to 520 hours a year! What would that amount of time back be worth to you?

Done-For-You Member Events and Challenges that bring in cash and referrals every single time.

Have you ever ran member events or challenges that were a ton of fun, but ultimately ended up COSTING the gym a few hundred bucks…. Not anymore. Each new member event we teach you will generate at least 5 new members.  Each new member challenge you run will generate at least 2500 in CASH from only 10-20% of your existing members. No cost of acquisition. Almost all profit that goes in your pocket. We're going to give you 12 of these PROVEN events and challenges DONE FOR YOU. Exactly how they work, how to promote them, and how to your team and members FIRED UP for them each year. These will easily generate over 50k in new revenue each year if you do 1 per month like we recommend. Stop spending money on events and start making it.

Limited-Time Bonuses:

 Lifetime Access to FitBiz University

Once your'e in, you're in for life.  Lifetime access to the Daily group coaching calls, Community of the top 1% gym owners, Curriculum (including all updates,) and Chat support with Joey and his team.

3 Group Coaching Classes/Week

As if unlimited 1-on-1 coaching wasn't enough, you can also tune into our 3 live group coaching classes each week... Sometimes it's the question posed by another member of our community that unlocks the door to your next growth spurt... so group coaching can be unbelievably valuable...

Personal Accountability Coach

Our mission is to help you get the EXACT result you want... and sometimes it's easier to produce when you have a little nudge... So you'll have your very own accountability coach, who's sole focus is ensuring you take the actions necessary to achieve the results you're committed to achieving...

In-Person Event Ticket

How would you like to meet us, our staff, and our wildly successful clients in-person at our founder's 7-Figure Gym? You'll get 2 free tickets to attend our next in-person event and if for whatever reason, you can't attend in-person, you'll receive virtual access & all of the event recordings (professionally edited)...

Clients-Only Facebook™ Group

Meet & network with other highly successful gym owners inside our private, clients-only Facebook™ group... Inside, we have gym owner making $20,000, $50,000, $70,000, even $100,000 each & every month...

Risk-Free Guarantee

If you qualify to work with us... we guarantee you'll make, at minimum, $30,000 with your done for you campaign in the next 90 days or less or we'll continue to work with you for free until you do!

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My name is Joey Huber and I’m a gym owner just like you.

Creating an amazing community and helping my members get real results has always been what I was good at, but I knew that I needed to know the “business end” of my gym for it to be successful and it was always kind of overwhelming.

I’ve tried all kinds of stuff…

6 Week Challenges that brought in quick cash but never my ideal clients that wanted to stay on long term

Complicated software systems that required 4 things duct taped together to actually get leads to show up

Marketing agencies who made big promises but couldn’t deliver

Groupons and free trials who only bring in people that want free workouts and bounce from place to place

Getting my team to help but all they really wanted to do was show up and teach class or train

Spending a ton on facebook ads just for seemed like throwing my money down into an empty pit

And at the end of the day, after trying all of that stuff, I just ended up wasting a ton of time and money without any real progress being made. It was extremely frustrating.

And even when things ARE working, I was doing everything myself so there’s no time for anything else BUT the gym

So I thought, there’s gotta be a better way to get the people who want what I’m offering into my gym. We’re super unique, and once they’re in, they’ll love what we have going on.

And I knew I HAD to make this work because the way my gym was running was not sustainable for the long-haul. And with a new wife and kids on the way, it either figure it out or close it down, and I was never one to give up.

So I started taking a look at where all of my BEST members came from…

I went through all the membership reports

The sales forms and contracts

And the guest waivers I had collected over the years…

And here’s what I discovered

The ones who have been with me for the longest

Who represent the majority of my revenue

Who get the best results

Show up to all the events and workouts

And refer the most friends and family to the gym

Well it turned out they all had the same thing in common…

80% of them came in through ORGANIC marketing, meaning not ads

And of those members, 90% of them were doing MORE than just my lowest level membership for classes or open gym

Which made total sense. They were the ones who were actually committed. Who didn’t view my gym as their “fitness membership” but like a second family, a support system, a community of friends, a place where they could go to work on themselves.

And the members who were the biggest pain in the ass? Came in on deals…


Paid the least and complained the most.

Because they didn’t view what we were doing as an investment in themselves. Something that could change their life.

It was just another monthly bill in their mind. An expensive gym membership.

And they made sure to let me know that every chance they got.

So that’s when I decided to turn the ads off and said to myself, “I’m going to figure out this organic thing, I’m going to get great at it, then I’m going to build a team and teach it to them. And if that doesn’t work, I’m not going to be a gym owner anymore”

Because I wasn’t happy with the way things were going.

I didn’t become a gym owner to spend all day making ads, spending a ton of money, for people who probably won’t show up, and if they do, will need to be convinced to buy, and probably only stay for 2 months before something financial “happens” and they need to cancel.

It’s not worth it. I’d rather just do something else.

So I started writing down every organic source that I could think of that actually got me members.

I came up with 8 different sources.

Then I thought about how I could make each one of them better.

Then I put in the work.

I spent the next 30 days dedicated to generating high-quality leads organically.

And that’s when everything changed.

The more I developed these pipelines, the more leads started flowing in.

And those leads bought BIG packages. I called them Transformation Programs.

Then they started referring other people into my Transformation Program.

And before I knew it, it was a flow that I couldn’t turn off.

Because I was no longer searching for them, they were coming to me. Organic.

I taught my team exactly what I was doing, how to sell, and how to fulfill by overdelivering and giving an amazing client experience.

My gym was finally full of my ideal clients, who were happy to make an investment in themselves because they value self-improvement, and everything was so simple my team could run it for me with a little help here and there.

I had more than enough time and profit. I didn’t need to close the gym after all.

And if you’d like me to guide you through exactly how to do this, I’d be happy to. I’ve created a special program called The Perfect Gym Model™ that will do this exact thing for your gym as I personally walk you through the program.

Limited Availability

Take A Tour of FitBiz University


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

Name: Cody Weber

Niche:  Personal Training

Results: Gained 20 hours PER WEEK of personal time in 90 days

Name: Matt and Jen Rhodes

Niche: 24/7 Access Open Gym

Results: From working IN the gym to ON the gym.  Paid for entire investment in 1 sale.

Name: Billy Jones

Niche: BodyBuilding/Strength 

Results: 30k/mo in revenue to 70k/mo revenue.  Cut churn in half in 90 days.

Name: Graham Brown

Niche: Personal Training (Canada)

Results: $30,000 in only 2 hours

Name: Derek Falk

Niche: Bootcamp / Semi Private 

Results: DOUBLED his gym's revenue in 3 months and delegated to his team

Name: Bobby and Frank

Niche: Boutique Open Gym / Semi-Private

Results: New Program Changed Everything

Name: Chris Gray

Niche: Semi and Large Group

Results: Did $75,000 in 12 Weeks

Name: Paul Martinez

Niche: Fitness and Spirituality

Results: Clarified his vision and installed the systems and strategy that will lead him there. 

Name: Max Naizere

Niche: Semi-Private Training

Results: Made entire investment back in 1 day

Name: Mark Messer

Niche: CrossFit

Results: Delegated gym operations to his team (and became Mayor of his town)

Name: John Dohonic 

Niche: Aquatic Training

Results: Finally found something that worked for his niche

Name: Chris Withrow

Niche: Krav Maga

Results: Opened Gym with FitBiz and Increased Profit massively

Name: Matt Terry

Niche: Private and Semi Private

Results: Allowed him to grow using HIS model (we didn't change it)

Name: Josh Lynch

Niche: Large Group Training

Results: 20 new EFT's (not challengers) in first month

Name: Jake Gallardo

Niche: Private and Group Training

Results: Learned authentic sales that felt easy.  Simple Systems.

Name: Dusty Davis

Niche: Group Training Franchise

Results: $24,000 in 30 days of Recurring Revenue

Name: Derek Delrosario

Niche: CrossFit

Results: Allowed him to live his PASSION while still making money

Name: Jennifer Hardister

Niche: Private, Semi, and Group

Results: Broke past $1 million in annual revenue

Name: Torrey Plunk

Niche: FitBody Bootcamp

Results: Made 15k in 2 days, then increased pricing to high-ticket

Name: Chase Parker

Niche: Semi Private w/ Vegan Kitchen

Results: Grew his team, trained them, then moved to Costa Rica and runs gym from the beach

Name: Barb and Tony Pagourgis

Niche: Large Group w/ Accountability

Results: Visited Joey's $1,000,000 gym for mastermind and left with Strategy

Name: Geoff Wyatt

Niche: Snap Fitness Owner

Results: Went from $650k to $1.2million in 12 months!

Name: Brian and Natalie Rooney

Niche: Open (Big Box) Gym with Personal Training and Large Group

Results: Went from 620 low-ticket memberships to 700 low-ticket and 100 High-Ticket.  $35k/mo to $60k+/mo!

Name: Cody Weber

Niche: Private and Semi-Private Training

Result: From $30k/Month at 80 Hours to $70k/Month at 15 Hours

Name: Tony Mathers

Niche: Self-Defense and Fitness

Result: From $8.5k/month to $32.7k/month in 3 months

Name: Chris Withrow

Niche: Krav Maga

Result:  First 25k month ever

Name: Mike Newhard

Niche: Personal and Semi-Private

Result: From 28k to 43k Recurring

Name: Krista Fudge

Niche: CrossFit

Result: Learned TONS of skills and now works from home

Name: Cody Weber

Niche: Personal Trainers

Result: Delegated Sales to his Trainers with HUGE success

Name: Jeremie Guidares

Niche: Semi Private Training

Result: $22,800 first 3 days over the phone

Name: Geoff Wyatt

Niche: Franchise Owner 

Result: $65k/month to $100k/mo of recurring EFT

Name: Billy Jones

Niche: BodyBuilding and Strength

Result: Cleared first 100k month!

Name: Didn't Want To Be Named

Niche: Large Group and PT 

Result: DOUBLED Annual Revenue from $400k to $800k

Name: Chase Parker

Niche: Vegan Health and Fitness

Result: Finally gained freedom and moved to Costa Rica (still owns his gym in the US)

Name: Jeremie Guarderas

Niche: Semi-Private Training 

Result: $61k in 60 days

Name: Derek Faulk

Niche: Group Fitness Training

Result: A MASSIVE 132k in 30 days!

Name: Nic Palidwar

Niche: Open Gym with Written Programming 

Result: $33k in 30 days

Name: Tracy Read

Niche: Group Fitness Training

Result: $41k+ in 11 days

Name: Daniel Myers

Niche: Private and Group Training 

Result: $36k+ in 30 days

Name: Joe Baumberg

Niche: Athletic Training

Result: $32k in 30 days, not a dime on ads

Name: Amy Posadas

Niche: Private and Group Training 

Result: $27,000 30 days and hired a team to help

Name: Justin Martin

Niche: CrossFit

Result: Delegated Sales and Fulfillment for the first time ever to his team

Name: Stephen Wyatt

Niche: Personal Training Studio

Result: $37,000 PROFIT in 3 Months (after paying himself)

Name: Tony Jones

Niche: Open Gym / Group Fitness

Result: After trying EVERY OTHER Program, found the one that actually works

“Altogether, We've Helped 250+ Clients Earn $30,000+/Month in 90 Days or Less In Almost ALL Fitness Niches...”

Here's just a few of the niches our clients have succeeded in...

  • Private Personal Trainers
  • CrossFit Boxes 
  • BootCamps
  • Athletic Training
  • Self Defense/Krav Maga 
  • Martial Arts/Boxing
  • Fitness / Weight Loss
  • Big Box Gyms
  • Franchises
  • Large Group Workouts
  • Semi-Private
  • 24/7 Gyms
  • Aquatic Training
  • Weight Loss Studios...

Our Method Has Already Helped
Countless Gyms Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Limited Availability

Make $30,000 With From NEW Members and NO Ads In The Next 90 Days Guaranteed...

If you qualify to work with us, we're so confident our process will work for you...

We guarantee, you will *at minimum* make $30,000 with organically in the next 90 days (or less) or we will continue to work with you for free until you do!

So there's no risk to you.

You either make $30,000 in the next 90 days... or we'll work with you 1-on-1 indefinitely until you do.

Book Your 1:1 Deep Dive Call Today

To discover whether or not our process is a good match for you...


Yes, Your Results Are Guaranteed... And Here’s Why:

Reason #1.)

We have proven this process out inside our own gyms. What makes us different than most is that we'll help you do what's actually working for us RIGHT NOW (not 2 years ago). Every single coach, program director, customer success manager are all active gym owners running this exact model at their gyms.

Reason #2.)

Not only has this process worked incredibly well for us... but it's worked amazingly well for our clients too. Each month, our clients earn $5MM+ from THEIR gyms. We get to see exactly what's working in our client's businesses too... and relay that information to you in real time.

Reason #3.)

When you work with us, we will show & tell you EXACTLY what to do... you just have to do it. We'll give you our exact templates, processes, systems, sales scripts, client transformation program blueprints... EVERYTHING that has made us one of the largest gym owner coaching companies in the world... you'll get instant access to... That's how we can guarantee you results.

Limited Availability

Meet Joey,

Founder, CEO

FitBiz University

Body By Design

Gym Rescue

✅ Multiple 7-Figure Coaching Academy Awards, 2022-2023

✅  Founded Gym Rescue™ traveling to gyms around the country, 2021

✅  Founded FitBiz University and broke 6-Figure PROFIT in 90 days 2019

✅  Multiple 7 Figure Gyms Award, 2018-2019

✅  Gym Lord Of The Year, 2018

✅  Best Boot Camp In Wisconsin , 2014-2018

✅  Best Personal Trainers In Wisconsin, 2014-2018

✅  Sold first Body By Design location for 6 Figures, 2017

✅  Opened Multiple Body By Design Locations, 2012-2020

✅  Founded Body By Design, 2012

✅  Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran, 2010-2011

✅  Presidential Physical Fitness Award, 2006-2009


Book Your 1:1 Deep Dive Call Today & Get This Free Bonus...

The Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Gym™ 

Over the past 10 years, Joey has grown his gym from 1k square feet with NO employees to 16,000 square feet and 15 employees.

He wrote this guide revealing exactly how he did it...

  • How he created a Transformation Program that coaches LOVED to do...
  • ​How he created 8 Organic Lead Gen Pipelines to Fuel new members...
  • ​How he created systems then delegated them to his team who WANT to do them...

Book Your 1:1 Action Call Today & Get Our Ultimate Guide to Grow Your Gym For Free...


Here’s EVERYTHING You’ll Get...

#1: Our 8 organic pipelines so you can acquire your ideal clients without spending a dime on ads

#2: Our Done-for-you reactivation campaigns so my team can make you massive cash while you learn the skills I’ll be teaching you

#3: Our Exclusive Transformation Program so you can bolt-on a high-ticket program to your existing gym

#4: Our Authentic Sales System so you can have a easy conversation with potential members without needing to hard sell or bait and switch them

#5: Our Automated Lead Nurture system so you don’t have to spend endless hours following up with leads and reminding them of appointments

#6: Our Copyrighted Master Operating Systems so you can easily manage your new members, your team, and your business KPI’s.

#7: Our Done-For-You Team Training so you can hire and train the team that will run the business for you including roles, responsibilities, and pay structures.

#8: Our Proprietary 12 Member Events and Challenges so you can generate cash and referrals on demand throughout the year.

#9: Our Unstoppable Leadership Course so you can show up as the entrepreneur you need to be every single day and keep the business in momentum

#10: Admission for 2 to My Semi-Private Workshop at my gym Body By Design so you can see The Perfect Gym Model in action and break through your own bottlenecks

#11: Private coaching calls with a Top 1% gym owner personally so you can walk through the program together from start to finish.

#12: Group coaching calls every day of the week so you can get all the support you need as you scale your gym

#13: A weapons grade community full of other gym owners doing this program so you can bounce ideas off of them, see what others are doing, and stay accountable to the goals you set for your business

#14: Lifetime access to this program with no ongoing fees because once you are in our community, you’re in for life.

#15: Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so confident our process will work for you... we guarantee you'll make at least $30,000 in your first 90 days or we'll continue to work with you absolutely free until you do!

Limited Availability

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This! We Look Forward To Speaking With You Soon...

- Gym Owners Rule,
Joey Huber

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here's the deal:

We've grown our gyms from 10k/mo doing EVERYTHING ourselves to $1million per year completely ran by our teams.

We then taught our method to a few of our top clients & they've been able to do the same thing.

Altogether, we've helped over 300+ gym owners across 10 countries increase profit WHILE working less hours in their gyms.

Because of the success our clients have had...

We're now able to legally guarantee you... if you qualify to work with us, you'll make, at minimum, $30,000 without facebook ads within the next 90 days or less.

If not, we'll work with you 1-on-1 for free until you do.

At this point, you have two options:

Option 1: Do nothing. Leave this page. *Hope* your business begins to grow.

Option 2: Take a chance. Book a call with our team. See if this is a good fit for you.

*Note: This is *NOT* a sales call. The results we provide are guaranteed, so we have no incentive to recommend you work with us unless we are 100% certain our process will work for you.

If it's not a good match, we'll tell you, & recommend resources for you (whether that's working with a friend of ours or plugging into free resources we provide).

So this call is 100% risk free.

You either don't work with us & we go on our merry way... or you do work with us and we help you make at least $30,000 in the next 90 days or we'll continue to work with you for free until you do.

Either way, you win.

That being said:

If you are an experienced gym owner who wants to increase profit, lower stress, build your team and systems, and LOVE your gym...

Click here to book your risk-free, no obligation, call with our team today.

And let's see if we can make magic together.

Chat soon ✌🏼

Need help? Call: 1.775.451.2349 (or) email:

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